Day 66
Oreo Cookie Day

It’s no surprise here that Oreo Cookies are the best selling cookies in the world…thats right the world! They first hit the store shelves in 1912. Having sold half a trillion cookies in over 100 counties, that's enough Oreo's to wrap the earth 381 times and, if stacked, they could reach the moon and back 5 times! 

Each original Oreo Cookie takes 59 minutes to make and their signature design contains 90 ridges, 12 flowers, 12 dashes, and 12 dots. 

I am sad to report that Double Stuffed Oreo’s really aren’t double stuffed…they are only 1.86 times bigger. So to truly get double the stuff, you would have to go with the Mega Stuffed which are 2.86 bigger. With that said, they make over 123,000 tons of creme each year! 

Well, if after all those mouth watering Oreo Cookie facts you are not headed to the store for your very own package, then you might consider a different take on the prompt like a repeating circle pattern or filling the frame.   


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