Day 72
Plant a Flower Day

What better way to celebrate that Spring is right around the corner than planting a flower or two!  Of course, depending on where you live, it might not be the best time to plant outdoors. If this is the case or you have no time for gardening in your day you can still enjoy the transition from winter to spring! 

Have you seen some early signs of spring? Are you in the planning stages of your garden? or maybe the flowers at the grocery store were too tempting to pass up! 

Consider shooting from a different POV (point of view) today. My favorite is the Ant’s View or ground level.  I like to place my camera on the ground and shoot with a low aperture (f4 or lower) to eliminate background distractions. It not only isolates your subject but also makes it appear larger. 

Whether you planted a flower or found one...give a different POV a try! 


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