Day 88
Weed Appreciation Day

We are going to get in the weeds today.  As photographers, weeds can be great subjects. Often times, they have the most delicate details. Look for interesting colors and textures. Try composing from different perspectives. Dead or dying weeds can be extremely photogenic (as in my photo example).

How do you compose to make your image stand out? There are several composition techniques that will work well for you today:

  1. Negative space - in photography, negative space is the area around the subject...  having empty space around your main subject allows it to take center stage.
  2. Macro photography - use a macro lens to capture the tiniest of details.
  3. Shoot with a shallow depth of field - the wider your aperture, the more shallow your depth of field (usually f2.8 or smaller).
  4. Try to find small details that make your subject stand out...  water droplets and small insects make for nice additions.

How will you make a beautiful image from a weed today?


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