Day 81
Fragrance Day

Ahhh...  our favorite smells! Today you get to use your sense of sight to capture your sense of smell! It might be the smell of bread or cookies baking or dinner cooking. It could be flowers, coffee, perfume, candles, a newborn....  whatever smells good to you!

According to the national day calendar, "scents and memory are powerfully linked."  We associate summer with the smell of freshly cut grass, thunderstorms with the smell of the damp air and the acrid scent of sulfur when lightning has struck.  We often connect memories of winter holidays with warm spiced pies and cookies. Our memories are most nearly linked with those people we have loved.  Your first love may have worn a unique botanical fragrance, or perhaps the uncle who taught you to tie intricate knots smelled of cedar as he told war stories.  While we may often take a trip down memory lane by looking at a scrapbook, perhaps this time remembering our favorite fragrances will stir up memories that were long forgotten or maybe we will make some new ones."

How will you photograph your sense of smell today?


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