Day 61
Horse Protection Day

Horse Protection Day was created to bring light to the plight of horses in America and beyond and help the thousands of unwanted horses in this country to find forever homes.  

Here are some tips for photographing animals:

  • Use a Zoom Lens:  It is hard to get in close, this way you can get in close without scaring the animal.
  • Use a faster shutter speed:  If the animal is moving this helps you to freeze the action.
  • Increase your ISO:  This will help with the light for the faster shutter speed.
  • Take photos at the golden hour:  The light is always better at the beginning and the end of the day, it is directional light and helps make your subject stand out.

So now the question is... do you have a horse or any other animal in your daily life of which you can take a photo? If not, find something that needs protection from man.


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