About Us

365 Picture Today is a community with a shared passion for photography. We are dedicated to supporting one another as we capture our lives through our lenses. Through our daily prompts, we hope to inspire ideas to help you grow as a photographer. Our goal is to create a place where we can develop our friendships along side our photography.

Team Members

Amy - Email

I was always the one at family gatherings and holidays wielding the camera so when I stumbled upon a “photo of the day” challenge back in 2014 it seemed a natural fit little did I know how transformative and addicting it would be; the fact that everyday held photo possibilities was eye opening!  I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, married and have a daughter in college.

The best piece of advice I can give is this...don't underestimate the value of the 365 community! Being an active member will not only help you to be accountable to the project but it will also provide an endless amount of inspiration and support! 

Garnett - Email

I received my first DSLR in 2014 and was determined to shoot in manual mode. I started taking a photo a day in January 2015. Not only did I learn to shoot in manual, but now I have a photo business for charity that keeps me busy and fulfilled in my retirement. I live in Southeast Virginia with my hubby and we have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren.

I am a morning person, so I typically take my photo early in the day. Making my photo a day part of my morning routine helps me stay on track. When I was working, I would sometimes take my photo the night before and post it in the morning. 

Kris - Email

I first realized that I had an interest in taking pictures in sixth grade when I worked on a Photography badge in Girl Scouts. I took lots of pictures during the next 40+ years of my life, but knew little about what I was doing. That all changed on January 1, 2013 when I started learning about and practicing photography by taking a photo a day.  I live in Dallas, TX with my husband, 3 dogs, and a cat. I have 2 grown daughters and an 8 month old grandson.

Taking a photo a day is now an integral part of what I do and who I am.  I treasure each moment I have captured, whether big or small.  I've learned to be kind to myself, to not judge the content and execution of my photos.  They each have a purpose.  For some reason I took that particular photo on that particular day.  It's up to me to find that meaning.


Lee - Email

I have always been interested in photography but didn’t practice enough, so I decided to start taking a photo a day back in January 2014, which improved my photos within six months, practice makes perfect apparently, but the more I know I realise that I have still a lot to learn.  I have live in Belgium for the last 24 years, with my husband, I have four grown up children and a dog!  

Taking a photo a day for the last 7 years, has on some days been hard, and I have even missed taking a photo on somedays, I don’t worry about it, I just carry on to the next day.  I start thinking about my potd when I read the email first thing in the morning, sometimes it all aligns and works, other time it can take at least 50 photos until I am okay with at least one photo.