Day 79
Let's Laugh Day

We all have heard that “laughter is the best medicine.”  How often do we actually take a dose of that medicine?  As adults, we sometimes get so caught up in day to day responsibilities that we forget that it is okay to take time to be silly and to laugh.

My friend and I had big belly laughs as we tried on silly hats in a gift shop while traveling in Iceland.  Were we acting a bit immature?  Probably.  Did we laugh?  Yes.  Hysterically?  Yes.  Did we regret our behavior?  Um…nope.  And, as he said, “The likelihood of us ever seeing any of these people again is unlikely.  Let’s have fun!”

Laugh today.  Laugh out loud.  Find someone with whom to share your laughter; it is even better medicine when enjoyed with others.  Maybe playing dress-up will give you a few good laughs too.  :-)


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