Day 78
Awkward Moment Day

Awkward moments are those moments that may feel horrifying in that instant but when viewed in retrospect make you smile and often hold some of the best memories.

Amy, Garnett, and I, along with a few other awesome 365 Picture Today community members, get together twice a year for a weekend of fun, friendship, and a little photography.  Let’s just say that over time our weekends together have been marked by a good number of awkward moments.  With five or more of us with cameras, most of them also have been well documented.

As a team, we play well together, which allows to work well together.   Do you recognize “the end” that is up in this photo?  I took the picture.  Amy was in the ladies room when it was taken.  We haven’t managed to get Lee with us on this side of the pond.  I wonder which team member this could be?

Find someone to share an awkward moment with today.


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