Day 73
Good Samaritan Day

I love the idea of actively seeking out ways to spread joy! 

You never know how one selfless act can unknowingly change someone’s life, brighten a day or set in motion a pattern of paying it forward.

There are plenty of ways to show kindness today, both big and small. Here are a few examples from the National Day Calendar: doing some spring cleaning to help out the local homeless shelter and food pantry, donating blood, volunteering your time or checking in with someone you haven’t in awhile. 

Were you the recipient of a random act of kindness today? Share it with us! 

I took this photo a few year’s ago. We were traveling and received some sad news about a dear friend who had been ill. We stopped at a Starbucks to absorb the information and when we sat down at the table we noticed all the tables had gift cards on them. When we inquired the barista’s said a local woman would often leave them as a way to brighten people’s day.

Happy Good Samaritan Day!


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