Day 75
- Picture Your Day
Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

This is the day each month when we intentionally photograph what is going on in our lives in this very moment.  It is also "Everything You Think Is Wrong Day.”

We all have days when we feel like nothing is going right, when we feel off track in everything that we do.  If today is one of those days for you, photograph it!  365 Picture Today is all about photographing today.  If today is not a good day, you may not want to remain in this place long, but looking back at tough times once you have moved beyond them, realizing that you are strong and resilient, is a valuable by-product of taking a photo a day.

If you are fortunate and everything is going your way, think about an idea or an opinion about which you have changed your thoughts over time.   Our tastes in food and drink often change.  Or, maybe our opinions about a particular actor or author.  Maybe your ideas about where you want to vacation or live have changed.  Perhaps you are doing something now that you never thought possible.

As a music theorist, I am always thinking and my ideas about things are in a constant state of flux.  My students will second that!

What has changed in your thinking?


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