Day 76
- Macro Monday
Everything You Do Is Right Day

Wouldn’t it be great if everything we ever did was right?  We all know that such an existence is not possible.  We all make mistakes, big and little, almost everyday.  If we make an effort to learn from them, then perhaps there was some “rightness” in something that seemed wrong.

This way of thinking is helpful when it comes to taking pictures.  We are our own worst critics.  “If only I had used different settings, shot from a different perspective, been quicker, had better focus, etc., etc.”  Those perceived errors may, in the end, be right because they help us to think about what we did or didn’t do and hopefully improve next time.

Today is also a macro photography day.  Macro photography allows us to get close and focus on tiny details in our subject, details that could be easily overlooked.  And yes, in those details, imperfections are often revealed.  They too are “right.”  Wrinkles, cracks, chips, brown spots are all evidence of living.

Being right does not mean being perfect.  Think of seeing imperfection through a different lens as a path to finding the beauty in an alternative kind of “rightness.”


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