Day 82
Goof Off Day

It's goof off day! You have permission to be silly today. Some of you, like me, embrace the goofy every day and this prompt will be easy! Some of you are a little more serious and may have trouble letting loose!

Today is for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Since it's Sunday, here's hoping that most of you don't have to work today. If you do go to work, can you have a little fun with your co-workers? 

Go with whatever silly thing you can dream up. You can take a self portrait of you being goofy. You can photograph a silly pet. You can take a picture of your nutty friends. This photo is typical me being egged on by my friends who have silly ideas and then make me implement them! Do you have friends like that? Remember to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action!

How will you have fun today?


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