Day 70
- Guest Prompt
Blueberry Popover Day

Who knew there would be a day to celebrate blueberry popovers? Even though I love desserts, I don’t often bake. My husband is gluten-free and dairy free, so he doesn’t eat many desserts and I sure don’t need to eat them. But I thought it would be fun to try to make blueberry popovers for this prompt. It was fun and they were really good, even if they didn’t look as perfect as some I’ve seen in photos. I don’t have a popover pan, so I used a muffin tin as suggested in some of the recipes.

You don’t need to make blueberry popovers today, but let’s see what you are cooking or baking. Or maybe you want to buy a special treat to photograph. Try different angles, close up or from above, personally, I like doing food photos from above. Macro lenses are often fun for food photos. One of the perks of this project is that we are often encouraged to treat ourselves.

We work hard for these photos, why not treat yourself today?

Kay Lucien

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