Day 39
Kite Flying Day

So do Kite flying days remind you of your childhood or even watching Mary Poppins film? To me it is making the kites with my dad and then finding a hill that we could go and fly a kite on.

Not a windy day today, but still a day to get outside, see if you can find somewhere to take a photo, maybe it will show wind, maybe not. My photo for today is the seaside, I spent a lot of my childhood living by the sea and I do think of sea and wind as going together.  I still go to the seaside and watch my husband whose hobby is windsurfing. These fabulous statues are by Anthony Gormley called Another place, there are 100 of them on the beach, and when the tide is in, you can’t see all of them.

What did you do in your childhood, that represents a Kite flying day?


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February 2020

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