Day 46
- Picture Your Day
Singles Awareness Day

It’s the 15th of the month which means it’s time to Picture Your Day!  

In honor of Singles Awareness day think about incorporating just Yourself into your photo. When surveyed, singles said the thing they enjoyed the most was not having to consult someone like a spouse or partner before trying something new. So with that adventurous spirit try a new pose or POV today.  Shooting wide for more of your surroundings, adjusting the angle to incorporate the days weather, or crop in tight from overhead to highlight a single detail of your day like your latest read or afternoon coffee.  

Remember not all selfies require a lot of setup! For this photo I simply propped my phone up against a post and set the timer it did take a couple of tries to get the angle right but I knew I wanted to include the bright sunshine and blue sky to show off the unseasonably warm February day we were having!

So what does your day look like?


Daily Prompts

February 2020