Day 55
Tortilla Chip Day

I live in Texas, where tortilla chips are a basic food group! They are the delivery system for salsa and queso. Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen here. When deciding where to go out to eat, it is not which restaurant makes the best tacos, enchiladas, or tamales that most informs our decision; it is the one that has the best chips and salsa. Maybe this is because we fill up on chips and salsa before the main course even arrives.

Tortilla chips created from pieces of corn tortillas, or cut or broken pieces of almost anything, combine in random ways to create interesting shapes and textures. Photograph chips or other bits and pieces of something today. Notice how the angle from which you shoo, as well as what you include or exclude from the frame, changes the viewer’s perception of the image.

Salsa or queso? Which is your preference?


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February 2020

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