Day 56
Mardi Gras

Though Mardi Gras means different things to different cultures, for all it is a time of celebration. Have you ever been disappointed with your photos of a celebration? Birthday party, holiday gathering, graduation - the photos don’t seem to accurately capture the moment? Sometimes we need to step back and think about how we felt during a time of celebration rather than what we saw or did. And then take a photo, perhaps even in retrospect.

This photo is of mardi gras beads that I intentionally photographed out of focus. To me, it has a feeling of joy and celebration. No one else may recognize the distorted beads, but I know what they are. I know who let me borrow their beads for the photo, and I know the circumstances under which it was taken. That brings back all the emotions of that day. I’ve got that Mardi Gras feeling...

How are you feeling today?


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