Day 60
- Phone
Leap Year Day

Today is Rare Disease Day.  Don’t panic!  We aren’t asking you to photograph such.  Today is actually a prompt free day; and as is the case on each 29th of the month, it is a phone photo day.

In honor of Rare Disease Day, however, I would like to share the work of my friend and amazing photographer Rick Guidotti.  Rick began his photography career as a New York fashion photographer.  He now dedicates his life work to using his photography to “highlight the beauty of genetic diversity and challenge the stigmas associated with differences in appearance” through Positive Exposure, a non-profit organization that he began in 1998.

You may also be interested in hearing Rick speak in this TED lecture.

As you take photos today, think about your own definitions of beauty.   In Rick’s words, “Change how you see.  See how you change.”


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