Day 53
Cook A Sweet Potato Day

Have you ever stopped and looked closely and carefully at a sweet potato? They are odd looking. And have you ever wondered who first thought it would be a good idea to cook and eat them? Sweet potatoes have been around for thousands of years probably originating in Central or South America. Many delicious sweet potato based recipes exist, ranging from pies to cakes to fries.

One of the things that every day photography does is encourages us to look at the every day in new ways, to find the beauty in things that may not strike us as beautiful at first glance. Photograph sweet potatoes today, either raw or cooked. If you don’t have a sweet potato on hand, look for and photograph the beauty in something that has some hidden beauty.

One of my favorite sweet potato recipes is sweet potato biscuits. Like the sweet potatoes themselves, they aren’t very pretty, but looks are deceiving when it comes to taste! Do you have a favorite sweet potato recipe that you are willing to share?


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