Day 58
Retro Day

As I navigate my new role as a grandmother, I am learning that caring for babies seems to be a lot different than it was thirty years ago when I had my first child. That said, I laughed out loud when I saw the toy in this photo on the store shelves. A rotary dial phone? Most current parents of babies have never used such a phone themselves. They are of the generation where when someone answers the phone often the first question is, “Where are you?” I remember the days when if someone answered the phone, you knew that they were tethered to the wall in the kitchen; or, if they were lucky, they had a phone in their bedroom. Times have sure changed! Did you or children have one of these toy phones?

Can you find a rotary dial phone? If not, photograph something that makes you think back to the past.

Do you still have a land line?


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