Day 48
- Macro Monday
President's Day

It’s President’s Day here in the United States which also coincides with Macro Monday…so with that in mind let’s photograph some presidential details today! Did you know President’s Day was originally established in 1855! The day started out as an observance of George Washington’s birthday, then in the early 1900’s they began including Abraham Lincoln's birthday and now the holiday has evolved into a celebration of all past Presidents. Those early Presidents have been recognized in many ways; currency, statues, portraits, the side of a mountain and with a federal holiday.

Macro Tip: Remember, at its simplest, it’s extreme close up photography. If you don’t have a dedicated Macro lens that’s ok - your camera might have a macro mode in the settings or one of your fun camera apps may have a macro feature. I’ve used the one in the Camera+ app and it works great.

Let’s see the presidential details you’ve found today!


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