Day 49
Battery Day

A day we can get charged up about and a day to acknowledge how much easier our lives are thanks to the power of batteries. It is one of the most overlooked power sources yet the one that can cause us the most anxiety.

Batteries power a lot of the essentials tools that are part of our everyday; clocks, fire alarms, remote controls, vehicles, our devices and even in some cases our organs. Advancements in recent years have made it so we can even charge our batteries with other batteries all while still using our batteries; for example, charging the phone in the car while the car is running so that you can then use the phone in that very same car...I know it can be mind boggling!

Since we would be hard pressed to go about our day without the use of batteries - Show us either the one that must stay charged or the one that causes the most stress when it’s not!


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February 2020

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