Day 38
- Self Portrait
Wear Red Day

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute established this day, to make people aware of one of the biggest killers in the world. Heart disease and stroke is the number one killer in women.

It is the dreaded self portrait day for some of us, me included, I am so not good at self portraits even after over 6 years of taking a photo of me at least once a month! So let us celebrate this day, by wearing red and photographing it. I actually don’t have any red clothes, it is not a colour that I wear, so if you don’t own any red clothes, accessories with red, like I have with my supermarket reusable bags.

A good way to take a selfie is to use a timer and a tripod, no tripod use a flat surface to put your camera on, make sure it can’t fall off. Put an object where you are going to stand, so that you can set up the focus and check all the settings on your camera if you are using manual.

What red are you going to be wearing today?


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February 2020

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