Day 30
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Break the Rules - Picture Time

1 o'clock

One of the rules of photography suggests you capitalize on the softer light that is prevalent during the golden hour.  The golden hour is the hour just after dawn or the hour before sunset.  However, I take most of my photos during the afternoon.  It can be tricky to photograph at this time of day, especially in full sun.  The light is harsh and you often get a lot of unflattering shadows. 

This photo of the Canadian Parliament buildings was taken around 1 o'clock (as you can see by the time on the clock in the Peace Tower!).  When I walked around to the side of the building, the light was behind me and fell nicely on the building.  It helped minimize the shadows.   So, although I broke the rule of only photographing during golden hour, I was able to capture a decent photo even in full sun.

What does 1 o'clock look like in your world.? 

Is it lunch time, work time, maybe even nap time?  Give us a glimpse into your life today and while you're at it go ahead and break the rules.  


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