Day 11
Picture Style
Travel - Macro Monday


Today is Macro Monday!   I love to travel and as I visit more and more countries, I'm touched to discover just how warm and open-hearted people can be. Like the time in Paris when a bakery owner gave us a free bag of pastries on our last day to thank us for visiting every dayI 

I collect Pandora charms from each place I visit.  This is a macro shot of the charms I purchased when I was in France on that trip. Every time I look at them, I'm reminded of the kindness shown to us by this random stranger.

Do you know someone open-hearted?  Do you have memories of open-hearted folks you have encountered in your travels?  How can you bring that memory to life in your photo.  To challenge yourself even further, see if you can incorporate macro photography into your photo today.


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January 2021