Day 3
Picture You
About Me - Self Portrait


It’s your first Picture You Week of 2021!

This is the week every month that you have the opportunity to be the subject of your own photos, where we encourage you to move from behind the camera to in front! You can share a little or a lot. You can include yourself or not. Whatever fits your style, there is freedom in this week!

For today’s self portrait show us how you like to relax!

Since this is the first one, we are going to ease into it; capture yourself doing something you enjoy - like painting, playing a game or drinking coffee.  Here are a few tips: Don’t look directly at the camera; and set a number limit on the shots.  Mine is 10. After that, I try something different. And last but certainly not least, remember to have fun!

Picture You Week just might challenge you the most, but we promise it's worth it! 


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