Day 7
Picture You
About Me - Guest Prompt


Today we are focusing on the word “Open”.  One of the many definitions of open is “allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up”.  When I think of open it reminds me of the willingness to trust someone enough to share your feelings, opinions, or their past.  To be ‘open’ is not the easiest characteristic for many of us humans.  My son has autism and I am most blessed by it, as Nemo is probably the most open and free loving person I have ever known.  Nemo doesn’t feel hate, or really much anger, especially towards people.  No matter how he is treated, he doesn’t place blame.  He remains open to love, life, laughter, and superheroes.  

What does open mean to you and what will you find opening for you today?  

Danta Smith

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