Day 29
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Break the Rules


This organizer belonged to my grandparents, who both passed in 2011. My grandma was particular about her organized kitchen and would correct me if I put something in the wrong spot. She never got crabby with me, and I give her a lot of credit for my organizer personality. However, my silverware drawer only looks like this when I’m putting dishes away. When my kids do the dishes, they just put forks with forks and spoons with spoons in a haphazard way that don’t quite fit. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t share the need for an organized silverware drawer, especially when I’m not the one who is doing the chore. On days when I do have a moment to organize, I will get all the big forks and spoons together and the small forks and spoons together and stack them nicely, so they fit just right. This memory makes me chuckle and I can imagine grandma looking over my shoulder making sure I’m getting organized the “correct” way and that I don't break the rules. 

Do you have a specific organized spot that makes you happy? Maybe it’s something unusual. Maybe you’re one who does better in organized chaos or maybe there’s no organization at all. Share it with us and break the rules!


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January 2021