Day 9
Picture You
About Me - Picture My World


Welcome to our first Quarterly Challenge!  This will be picture #1 in a series of 4 pictures to be taken in the same spot seasonally!

Season 1 stands alone. Season 2 will be added to make a diptych. With season 3 included we have a triptych and season 4 makes for a beautiful quadtych! Make sure you save your photos and that you pick a place that you can easily return to.  We want to see your seasons!

We have added a sub prompt to make it even more interesting!  Let's get "fascinating"

The world is such an amazing place.  We are not always aware of how beautiful our daily world is until it is seen through the eyes of others.  You might see your every day world as sometimes mundane, but others who see it for the first time might be in awe and have great interest and are in fact highly fascinated!  Show us your world in all 4 seasons starting with season 1!


Daily Prompts