Day 270
Save your Photos Day

Sadly every year thousands of photos are lost to natural disasters, fires, or other accidental mishaps.  September is Save Your Photos month, which reminds us to safeguard these treasures. Photographs, whether digital or physical, are important. They represent the moments and the milestones of our lives and everything in between.

As you can see I have a lot to sort out too!

How we save our photos has changed a lot over the years! The boxes of photos tucked away in the attic can be digitalized. Our cameras can upload our photos in real time to the cloud.  There are a wide variety of options from external hard drives to cloud storage and resources like saveyourphotos that are here to help.  Also have a read of Garnett's blog post

So your photos are safety backed up, now what?

To celebrate they recommend displaying and sharing your favorites with others or better yet with us today!  


Daily Prompts

September 2020