Day 273
- Phone
International Coffee Day

For many of us, coffee is a must have essential item for daily survival. It is always near by helping to start the day off and there to keeping it going. 

Coffee is also the perfect photography model! 

  • You can dress it up in a pretty mug with an artsy frothy top.
  • You can dress it down in a simple to-go cup with recyclable sleeve. 
  • It never complains about how many photos you take or from what angle.
  • It’s readily available in a variety of ways depending on your mood; hot, cold, frappe, ice cream. 
  • Not a coffee drinking no worries! Substitute your favorite beverage I’m sure it will make a great model too!

Today make it a phone photo - the more we practice with our phones the better we will be when we’ve left our “big” cameras at home! 


Daily Prompts

September 2020