Day 259
- Picture Your Day
Online Learning Day

Online learning seems to be the norm for most learning these days.  I have a funny relationship with online learning.  As a professor who had never taught online until the spring, I much prefer seeing my students in the classroom.  Online teaching seemed so impersonal to me.  Yet, as a learner, I am thrilled with all of the things that I can learn online.  I like that I can shop for an instructor with whom I feel comfortable.  I like that I can learn in the middle of the night if that best fits my schedule.  I like that I am not distracted by others in the classroom.  Since I myself will be teaching the fall semester online as well, maybe I will be able to reconcile these two diametrically opposed perspectives.

Have you taken online classes?  What have you learned?  What do you like about online learning?  


Daily Prompts

September 2020