Day 251
- Self Portrait
Labor Day

It is Labor Day in the U.S. which means a long weekend. If it wasn't 2020, then most would be excited about this weekend. This year however, with most of use being at home a lot more, it doesn't really seem much like a holiday.

Since it's a self portrait day, let's think about how to approach this differently. Our Labor today is to think of an interesting way to capture ourself. I normally wear glasses... when I take a photo without them, sometimes people don't even know it's me!

You can take a photo using just one part of you... your eye, your mouth, hands, feet. Try taking a photo that leaves people wondering who it is they are looking at. You could put on a hat and sunglasses. You could take a photo of the back of you. You can angle or tilt or do something else to distort the view.

Stretch your creativity today. In my example photo, I am not wearing my glasses, I closed my eyes, the photo is converted to B&W and I used Light and Shadow Play to trick the eye into not landing on a particular subject. It really doesn't look like me does it?

Can't wait to see you come up with today!


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