Day 271
World Tourism Day

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has used this day to shine a spotlight on the benefits of tourism; not only it’s economic value to communities but the social, political, and cultural value as well.

The 2020 theme is BUILDING PEACE! FOSTERING KNOWLEDGE! Travel helps us connects by raising our awareness and bridging the gap of our societal differences by challenging our understanding of unique cultures.

At it’s simplest travel opens the world for us to see the beauty and diversity of our planet. Today we’re asking you to play tourist and go on a scavenger hunt to explore the beauty of your surroundings. Then compile your photos & share them with us! I can’t wait to tour somewhere new today! 

Here’s your List:  

  • Something Tall 
  • A Statue or Landmark
  • Something on the Ground 
  • Color Blue
  • Where are You 
  • A Sign 
  • Fits in your hand 
  • With Numbers
  • Triangle Shaped 

Daily Prompts

September 2020