Day 254
- Guest Prompt
Swap Ideas Day

National Swap Ideas Day encourages us to share creative and helpful ideas with someone else and trade them for their thoughts instead. Swapping ideas can spark and inspire others to try something new. And so in the spirit of swapping ideas, today let’s do something new or different. Try a new technique you’ve been wanting try. For example, Panning, intentional blur, or using a slow shutter speed with an ND filter. Maybe it’s as simple as moving from auto mode on your camera to AV mode and playing with different aperture settings to see the different effects. If you use your phone, try a new filter, or a new effect on a new app. Maybe you have phone attachments that you’ve been meaning to play with. Get them out and play.

Whatever you choose to photograph, share your settings and/or process and tell us a little about your experience and results. I’ve been working on some intentional blur shots inspired by Freeman Patterson (google him....his work is really good !) In this photo my ISO was 64 at F16 with a 1/3 sec exposure. And of course a little camera movement. By swapping ideas, maybe we can all spark a little creativity and learn something in the process. 

Julie Bush

Daily Prompts

September 2020