Day 298
Picture Color


One of the things that I have loved about doing a 365 project for all of these years has been sharing the process with my family and friends.  My husband has always been supportive and willing to help out when I needed a subject or an extra hand or two in a set-up.  There have been times, though, when I'm sure he has dreamed of passing thar torch to another assistant.  After explaining the color chestnut to four-year-old Joshua, we went looking for it in the park.  "Nana!  I found it!  These leaves are chestnut."  Whether they are or aren't doesn't really matter.  The moment captured does.  

Find someone to help you with today's photo.  It may be someone who dreams of being a part of your project or someone who dreams of the day that they are not "the only one around to help."


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October 2023

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