Day 130
Lost Sock Memorial Day

Did you know that there is a special holiday just to memorialize lost socks? Where do all the missing socks go?  Is there a washing machine heaven?  What should you do with the sock that is left behind? 

Show us your socks! For me the more colorful the better. I actually am a sock addict. I adore socks and all of the unique colors and patterns. I personally do not throw away unmatched socks... I have been known to use them as dust rags or for other household chores.

You can photograph them on your feet, in your drawer, or on display. You can make a puppet with them. You can hang them on the line.  Make a flat lay or a still life. Get creative! 

If you don't wear socks or you are not in a sock kinda mood, photograph interesting patterns or designs that catch your eye.