Day 139
- Macro Monday
No Dirty Dishes Day

I don’t know about you, but there are very few days in my house that we don’t have dirty dishes. Since its Macro Monday, lets put those bubbles to work and let them do double duty; for cleaning up and as the prompt! 

Soap Bubbles

Save some suds from washing up your dishes or grab a glass dish with a few drops of dish soap. Blow in a straw or use a whisk to create your bubbles. The more air the bigger the bubbles. For layers and layers of bubbles try piercing the bubble with your straw and blowing more bubbles inside of another. 

Oil & Water Bubbles

Shallow dish with water and a small amount of cooking oil like vegetable or olive. You don’t need much a tablespoon or so is a good starting point because once it’s in you can’t take it out again!

A few tips:  

  • Find a bright space & Shoot from above 
  • Use colorful backgrounds like scrapbook paper, magazines or, my favorite, the iPad lite up with a cool pattern
  • A drop of dish soap to the oil & water can make the bubbles more defined 
  • Last but certainly not least...Have lots of bubbly fun!