Day 138
Take Your Parents to the Playground Day

Let’s face it, parents and adults need playtime too!  

So today, I’m encouraging you to make time for just that...PLAY! 

  • You can be literal and head to your nearest playground to have a turn on the swings or a race down the slide. 
  • Consider setting up your tripod and practice some action shots
  • Or maybe...your “playground” is of a different variety! 
  • It could be the golf course with miles and miles of greenon which to play! 
  • Document that hole in one with a “where you stand” photo! 
  • It could be a nature hike just enjoying the great outdoors. 
  • Turn it into a photo walk - show us what you find along the way! 
  • It could be a relaxing Sunday afternoon drive. 
  • Taking the roads less traveled just to see what you can see! 
  • It could a bike ride through the neighborhood. 
  • Keeping your eye out for which yard has the prettiest flowers!

Well you get the idea whatever fun you come up with today, make sure to make it a play date with your camera too!