Day 124
- Black and White
Textile Day

May 3 is the day we celebrate the ways that textiles make our lives better.  Textiles are woven fibers of either natural or synthetic materials. How we use textiles helps us express who we are. From the clothes we wear, to the bedding in which we sleep, to the drapes and rugs with which we decorate our houses, textiles touch every facet of our lives. If you are an artist, the canvas you use is a great example of a textile. If you enjoy sewing, the fabric you choose makes your textile creation unique.

Since today is Black and White day, try to find a bold pattern or texture to highlight. The example photo is the pattern on the rug in my office. You may choose to go with a macro and really get close to the fibers. You may choose to step back and show us repeating patterns. You could choose to do a still life photo with some accent scarves or towels.

What ways do you appreciate the textiles in your everyday life?