Day 141
Pick Strawberries Day

It’s Strawberry season for many us, especially in the South. It's that delicious time of year when farm stands and grocery stores have an abundance of fresh berries daily! 

Do you keep berries on hand? Are they part of your breakfast smoothie? Or, maybe strawberry flavored yogurt is your “go to” snack? If so photograph them before your devour them! 

Where we live there are several small farms that have “pick your own” days which can make for a yummy outing! Here is a container we picked and I knew I had to be quick to get a photo as they were going fast! I filled the frame to show the variety of shapes and sizes and colors of red. You could do the same with your grocery store container. 

No time to pick your own or not a strawberry fan - no worries!

Make the day work for you!

Turn it into a color day and be on the look out for Red or fill the frame with the tasty treat you're enjoying today.