Day 86
Picture Life
My Hometown - Where I Stand - 3 O'Clock


"Son, take a look around, this is your hometown" - Bruce Springsteen

I am really excited that this week we are concentrating on our hometowns!  It is a chance for all of us to get to know each other just a little bit better.  Who we are is formed by where we live... it is what shapes us!  

Tell us about your hometown and what is happening! What is your hometown best known for?   I live in Calgary (my adopted hometown) and it is the home of the Calgary Stampede....the greatest outdoor show on earth! If your town isn't famous for anything, but I am sure it is, then show us what is happening today!

Remember to stand somewhere in your hometown at exactly 3:00!  (Extra points for 3:00 am!)


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