Day 71
Picture Color


This week we are on the hunt for the color scarlet, a bright red hue with hints of orange.  Scarlet is associated traditionally with things such as courage, passion, heat, and joy.  

For me, my scarlet sweatshirt is associated with comfort, the same kind of comfort that a child feels from a favorite security blanket.  I wear it when I'm tired, on rough days, when I want to escape from the world and feel like I am wrapped in a hug.  

Do you have a piece of clothing or a blanket or a stuffed animal or other item that brings you a sense of comfort?  Photograph it today.  If it's not scarlet, find a pop of scarlet to include in your photo - a flower, a glass, a book, a piece of furniture.  

Show us your comfort zone!


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March 2023

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