Day 85
Picture More
A Different Angle


Depth can be defined as the distance from top to bottom or the quality of being intense or extreme.  We use depth a lot in our photos.  It makes them come to life and adds interest to them.  Using a different angle when you shoot is also a great way to add interest to your photo. 

The tree in this photo branches out from the bottom and there is an open area in the middle.  I climbed right in there, leaned back, looked up and took my photo.  Looking up leads your eye from the bottom of the trees to the top.  It can also make you dizzy!  

Depth can be interpreted in many ways; the depth of a colour; the depth of an emotion or depth through distance.  Show us how you choose to interpret depth in your photo today.  Remember to look up, you never know what you might find!  


Daily Prompts

March 2021