Day 68
Picture Style
Street Photography


These days, I am not out and about taking photos where there is much of interest going on.  The streets I see are limited to those in my neighborhood that I travel on my morning runs.  Though I do encounter quite a few others out for morning exercise, I am not comfortable taking photos of them.  I am, however, quite comfortable photographing people's trash piles!

I find it interesting to see what people have either lost in the street or discarded on the side of the road.  As I looked at this poor guitar waiting to be gathered up by the trash truck, all I could hear in my head was, "Thank you for the music."  Of course, I have no idea what its story really is, but it sure was fun to imagine one.

As you are out and about, look for an interesting object on the street.  Photograph it such that we want to know its story, its history.  You may be surprised by the interesting things you find.


Daily Prompts

March 2021