Day 80
Picture More
A Different Angle


This week we will be exploring the many angles from which we can photograph the same subject.  

The angle we choose depends on which details of the story we want to be most prominent in our image.  What do we want the viewer to notice first?  What feeling do we want to evoke?  Are there details we wish to downplay?  Do we want to tell the whole story?  Do we want the viewer to figure out what is going on?  

I took several images of my daughter in this same position lifting weights.  I tried shooting from her feet, from her head, from above, and finally from below.  To me, this image shot from below conveys the story the way I saw it.  The details are subtle, but there are many of them.

As you choose the subject of your photo today, think about the story you wish to tell.  Shoot from several different angles.  Which angle best conveys your perception of the scene?  


Daily Prompts

March 2021