Day 78
Picture Color


This beautiful display has a really cool story and is just one piece of a large trail of ‘quilt’ blocks that are part of the official Barn Quilts of Central Minnesota trail.  The trail of quilts started in 2015 and has over 100 squares that cover four large central MN counties. There are brochures that give a list of all addresses where these blocks are displayed so you can take a drive and find them all. I haven’t taken a drive specifically on the trails but I am lucky to live in an area where a very large number of these are displayed – like this one, "Weathervane Pinwheel," right in the middle of my hometown.

One day I’ll get on the road to find all the quilt squares. The talent and time taken making these squares is extremely inspirational as are the stories behind the designs.  I think this is similar to our 365 photography journey. 

We can find so much that’s inspirational in our life.  What inspires you today?


Daily Prompts

March 2021