Day 98
- Self Portrait
No Housework Day

Today is No Housework Day and the time for our monthly self portrait.

Being a top notch housekeeper is definitely not one of my gifts, but I do try to keep things at least sanitary. Somehow, that seems to require more time and energy with three dogs than it did when I had two dogs and two children at home!  The bare minimum each day is that the kitchen is clean and the stuffing and random appendages from all of the dismembered dog toys gets swept up.  It is amazing how much stuffing is in one toy!

Though I like the idea of a day with no housework, it will be difficult for me to not sweep up "just a little."  If, however, I look at it as having a little extra time with my knitting or with a book, I can probably get behind today’s celebration!

What chore are you willing to let go today?  Photograph how you spent those extra moments in your day by including all or just a part of yourself in your photo.