Day 94
World Party Day

What a fun holiday - a universal day dedicated to joyful celebration! 

The day came about from the 1995 novel "Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel", by Vanna Bonta. The book concludes with a synchronized worldwide celebration on April 3, 2000. That scene later became the inspiration for World Party Day! 

It’s also the repeating prompt of Black and White photography. Today you are encouraged to see without the distraction of color! How will you highlight patterns, and textures, light and shadows, people and things. 

Converting to B&W can also greatly improve a photo. As with this shot at the ice cream shop, removing the color helps focus the attention of the smiles waiting to dig into their tasty treats instead of the background distraction and the competing colors of their outfits. 

Wishing you all a joyful day!