Day 114
- Color
Lost Dog Awareness Day - One Colour Only

Jasper decided that this was an important day, just in case there are dogs out there that have lost their owners for any reason.  

This day was created not only to bring awareness of the dogs that go missing, but also to celebrate their reunions.  Through networks of shelters, veterinarians, social media and other media sources, many lost canines are reunited with their loved ones. National Lost Dog Awareness Day is an opportunity to learn more about prevention and networking.

The only way I have lost Jasper is in the leaves on the floor of the forest, sometimes he blends in too well!

If you don't have a dog to lose, or to photograph, you can play with colour today. Take a photo of one colour of your choice, and have the object of your photo the same colour as the background. I am looking forward to seeing those photos!